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Introducing Real-time
Online Offers

Place and track offers in real-time

Fair and transparent process

Receive instant updates

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Place and track offers in real-time

Make offers on your dream home anytime, anywhere and from any device.

It really is that simple.

Fair and transparent process

A portion of buyers thinks that 'fake bids' are a problem.

With offers by Daft you have the security of knowing that other bidders are genuine
as all buyers are verified before they place an offer.


Receive instant updates 

Once you make an offer, you will receive an instant email alert from your agent of all subsequent offers.

The result? No one is left in limbo waiting on an update.
As as soon as an offer is made on a property you’ll be the first to know. Allowing you to place a counter offer quickly day or night.

Still have some questions?

Video Showcase

Watch our Explainer video

What Buyers are saying

"I really liked the security of using offers by Daft. This tool removed any doubts we had of false bidders. I liked that the agent had to approve anyone who wanted to place offers so I knew other bidders were serious about the property too. As well as feeling secure, I also felt I was up to date throughout the entire process."

"For me this online offers tool by daft provided total transparency and allowed me to track the progress of our offers and place counter offers without any delay at a time that suited us best. I loved the fact we could get quicker insight on other bidders such as how many people were placing offers, what offers they were placing and when they were doing so."

Want to start placing offers online?

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