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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Offers cost?

Offers by is a free product for buyers to use. Designed to help you in your buying journey, add value and provide a great experience.

Where can I access properties with online offers?

You can access properties with offers by daft available here.

Does the offer I make go to Daft?

No. Any offers you make will go directly to the estate agent.

Can anyone make an offer?

Any registered user on Daft can apply for registration, but you cannot make offers until the Agent has approved you. Once approved, you can then only make offers on that property. If you want to make an offer on another property, you will need to register for approval again.

What happens when I register to make an offer?

Upon registering to bid, the agent will receive your details and you will receive an email informing you that your status is pending approval. This email will ask you to forward on your ID and Proof of funds documentation to your agent.

Can a buyer make offers below the minimum asking price?

Once approved you (the buyer) can only make an offer equal to or above the minimum offer at the current time.

Can I place offers on multiple properties at a time?

Yes you can.

Can all property searchers view offers made on the property or just registered buyers for that property?

All property searchers can view offers made. However please note your personal details will not be shared with anyone but the agent.

Can an offer be withdrawn?

If you (the bidder) wants to withdraw the offer we would urge you to contact your agent who will be able to assist you with this.

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